Popular As: Naushad
Birth: 1919
Death: 5th May 2006
1st Film: Prem Nagar
Last Film: Taj Mahal
Work Span: 1934 - 1984 

Naushad was born in Lucknow in 1919 in an orthodox family that had no interest, whatsoever, in music. But Naushad knew that he was different. He used to get caned each time he returned home late from the movies, even at the age of ten. "I saw a film several times, not for the movie itself, but for the live band that accompained the songs and dances on the screen. Though I realise now what a 'pathetic' effort that was, my love for music had no bounds and I would watch these musicians on the harmonium, the clarinet, the violin, the piano - all trying to synchronise with the movement on the screen. And these were the moments the audience enjoyed most of all. And so did I in the front four-anna stall". says Naushad.

A stint as a assistant in a shop selling musical instruments earned him his first harmonium. The next step was to the orchestra pit of a local cinema, against of course, the wishes of his father.  Naushad then got entangled with a junior theatrical club. He was accepted only because of his films for music, even though he was underage. "Later, when a natak company came to Lucknow, I joined it. They were playing Laila Majnu. This was the first time i did not bother about anyone at home. I ran away with them and visited places like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bareilly, Gujrat. In Viramgaum, the company flopped and had no return home." 

It was in 1937 that a broken but not embittered Naushad stepped wnto Bombay. And his long struggle started all over again. The only person he knew in Bombay was the head master of the Anjuman-I-Islam High School with whom he stayed for a while. "By sheer chance I came across a Harry Darrowits. He was making a film called Samunder. I was appointed by him on Rs. 40 a month as a pianist in the orchestra conducted by Mushtaq Hussain. Ghulam Mohammad, who later became my assistant, used to be paid Rs. 60 then. Mushtaq Hussain was a famous composer from New Theatres, Calcutta, who came to join Film City at Tardeo. Later I was able to prove my creativity with a song (on the piano) for a Russian producer by name of Henry Darwidge. He was making a film called Sunehri Makdi (The Golden Spider)". 

When Harishchandra Bali, a well known music director walked out of the film Pati Patni, Naushad got his first break in directing music, with a regular salary of Rs. 60 a month. Soon after he was designated assistant to Mushtaq Hussain. But, as luck would have it, the Film City closed down. Luck came again, in the person of Manohar Kapoor. He was scoring the music for a punjabi film, Mirza Sahiban, which lyricist Madhok was directing for Ranjit Movietone. Naushad joined Kapoor for Rs. 75 a month "with cuts for days when i was absent, regardless of the reason, Chandulal Shah was the boss who liked my work and my enthusiasm. Mirza Sahiban was a sensational box office hit and i became a permanent employee on the Ranjit roster." 

Slowly, but surely, Naushad began his climb up, with the help of the late Khemchand Prakash, Madhok, Bhavnani, Gvalani and a few more. He directed the music for Bhavnani's Prem Nagar. "I was engaged by him on Rs. 100 a month to be raised to Rs. 150 a month after three months." This was soon followed by a number of assingnments which elevated Naushad to a 'respectable' position. He was offere 'Mela' by Prakash and was paid Rs. 600 for the entire film. He received Rs. 1200 for the next film, Darshan, followed by Satation Master for which he received Rs. 1500. In the latter film, Naushad introduced Suraiya as a playback singer.

Not long after, Naushad was called by Kardar, someone who had ignored him for a long time. Naushad worked as a music director for Kardar films, on a salary of Rs. 500 a month, till 1952. He was also permitted to accept contarcts outside the company. In fact, it was the outside assignments that fetched Naushad big money. He won fame for his music in Rattan for which he earned Rs. 8000. "Today, it seems a small sum considering the fact that the success of the film's music brought a crore of rupees to the fortunate distributors and earned half as much again from the phenominal sale of its records alone. However, the money was good enough at that time, and earned me my name." 

And therafter there was no looking back.


1Prem Nagar 1940  40 Mother India 1957  
2Darshan 1941 41 Hathkadi 1958
3Maala 1941 42 Sohni Mahiwal 1958
4Nai Duniya 1942 43 Zindagi Ya Toofan 1958
5Sharda 1942 44 Zara Bachke 1959
6Station Master 1942 45 Kohinoor 1960
7Kanoon 1943 46 Mughal-e-Azam 1960
8Namaste 1943 47 Qaatil 1960
9Sanjog 1943 48 Flight To Assma 1961
10Geet 1944 49 Ganga Jamuna 1961
11Jiwan 1944 50 Pyar Ki Daastan 1961
12Pehle Aap 1944 51 Son Of India 1962
13Rattan 1944 52 Maya Mahal 1963
14Sanyasi 1945 53 Mere Mehboob 1963
15Anmol Ghadi 1946 54 Leader 1964
16Keemat 1946 55 Flying Man 1965
17Shahjahan 1946 56 Dil Diya Dard Liya 1966
18Dard 1947 57 Saaz Aur Aawaz 1966
19Elaan 1947 58 Paalki 1967
20Naatak 1947 59 Ram Aur Shyam 1967
21Anokhi Ada 1948 60 Aadmi 1968
22Mela 1948 61 Saathi 1968
23Andaaz 1949 62 Sangharsh 1968
24Chandni Raat 1949 63 Ganwaar 1970
25Dillagi 1949 64 Taange Wala 1972
26Dulari 1949 65 Aaina 1974
27Babul 1950 66 My Friend 1974
28Daastan 1950 67 Sunehra Sansaar 1975
29Deedar 1951 68 Chambal Ki Rani 1979
30Jaadu 1951 69 Dharam Kaanta 1982
31Aan 1952 70 Love And God 1986
32Baiju Baawar 1952 71 Aawaz De Kahan Hai 1990
33Deewana 1952 72 Teri Paayal Mere Geet 1992
34Amar 1954 73 Laajawab 1992
35Shabaab 1954 74 Guddu 1995
36Jawab 1955 75 Taaj Mahal 2004
34Udan Khatola 1955 76 --
38Jallad 1956 77--
39Mera Bhai 1957 78--

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