D N Madhok


Popular As: D N Madhok
Birth: -
Death: 9th July 1982
First Film: -
Last Film: -
Work Span: 1936-1966

D N Madhok was a reputed song writer in the late 1930's. So much so that when the stuggling Naushad wanted desperately to get into the films, it wa sMadhok who made that happen. He got the fledgling musician an entry into Prakash studios, as well as a break in films, in Mohan Bhavnani's Prem Nagar (1940).

Needless to say, all the fourteen songs in that first Naushad film were written by Madhok. And while on Naushad, Madhok wrote not just all songs of Prem Nagar, but wrote seven of ten songs for that composer in Mala (1941), all ten in Sharda (1942), all eight in Kanoon (1943), Seven of eleven in Geet (1944), five out of seven in Jeevan (1944), all nine in Namaste (1943), seven of nine in Sanjog (1943), all eleven in Pehle Aap (1944)and all ten in the winderful musical Rattan (1944). The point is not just providing the statistics, but really to recall the scene in the film industry in those years, when D N Madhok's film poetry was in high demand.

Dina Nath Madhok was an excellent lyricist, composer & producer. He even directed films, uch as the earlier shama Parwana(1937) for Ranjit Studios. Even as late as 1955 he directed Naata, which was produced by Madhubala, and which starred Madhubala herself opposite Abhi Bhattacharya.

Filmmaker and song writer Gulzar considers two lyricists as tops in the old days. Shailendra in the 50's and D N Madhok in the 40's. Gulzar should know , since he does his own poetry so well. Because it was Madhok who gave us many songs that touch our souls even today, in every way, the way they were written, composed and rendered.

Here is looking at some fine thoughts that came out of Madhok's Pen:

Too Kaun Si Badli Mein Mere Chand Hai...(Khandaan)
Aaye Bhi Wo Gaye Bhi Wo...(Namaste)
Ghata Ghan Ghor Ghor...(Tansen)
Milke Bichhad Gayi Ankhiyaan...(Rattan)
Ankhiyaan Milake Jiya Bharmake...(Rattan)
O Jaanewale Baalmawa Laut Ke Aa...(Rattan)
Panchhi Baanwara...(Bhakt Surdas)
Madhukar Shaam Hamare Chor...(Bhakt Surdas)
Pehle Jo Mohabbat Se Inkaar Kiya Hota...(Pardesi)
Toot Gaye Sab Sapne Mere...(Parwana)
Jab Tum Hi Naheen Apne...(Parwana)
Jeene Ka Dhang Sikhaye Ja...(Parwana)
Shikwa Tera Main Gaoon...(Anmol Ratan)
Maine Dekhi Jag Ki Reet...(Sunehre Din)

Mostly after these very enjoyable lyrics, Madhok wrote in some films like Firdaus (1953), Biwamangal(1954), Tasweer (1966) etc, but his best writing was long over. It's not known what this super song writer did later, but much later, on 9th July 1982, he passed away, leaving his words behind.

Contributed by: Mr. Manek Premchand
Author: Yesterday's Melodies Today's Memories

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