Popular As: Khursheed
Birth: 14th April 1918
Death: 18th April 2001
First Film: Laila Majnu
Last Film: -
Work Span: 1931 - 

Khursheed Bano, a founding singer/actress whose real name was Irshad Begum, started her film career as Shehla in 1931: the year when the first talkie film Alam Ara was released. She was born in the village Chooniyan, Lahore on 14 April, 1918, as Irshaad Begum. Her family was very conservative and she was never motivated to persue her talent. Khursheed was very interested in singing since her childhood days and she use to sing and dance against her family's wish.

Her earlier films were Laila Majnu, and Shakuntla in 1931, Chatra Bakavli, Hatili Dulhan, Muflis Aashiq, Radheshyam in 1932, Naklee Doctor in 1933, Swarg ki Seerhi, Bomb Shell, Chiragh-e-Husn, and Mirza Sahiban in 1935. Elan-e-Jang, Kimiagar in 1936. Imaan Farosh in 1937, Madhur Milan in 1938. Murad, Kaun Kisi Ka and Sitara in 1939. Khurshid did a number of movies for Ranjeet Movietone and her leading men included famous actors like K.L.Saigal, Motilal, and Jairaj. Musafir and Holi in 1940, Pardesi, Beti, and Shaadi in 1941. Bhagat Surdas, Chandni and Patola (Punjabi) in 1941. Tansen and Nurse in 1943. Tansen with music composed by legendary Khemchand Prakash was a very successful film of her career. She became very popular with this film as an actress as well as a singer.

Some of her popular songs included 'Piya Ji Aan Milo..' from Musafir (1940), 'Bhigoyi Mori Saari Re..' from Shaadi (1941), 'Pehle Jo Mohabbat Se Inkaar Kiya Hota..' from Pardesi (1941), 'Madhur Madhur Ga Re..' from Bhakt Soordas (1942), 'Ghata Ghan Ghor Ghor..' from Tansen (1943), 'More Baalpan Ke Saathi..' a duet with K.L.Saigal from Tansen (1943), 'Kahani Ban Gai Mori..' from Nurse (1943), 'Mohabbat Me Sara Jahan Jal Raha Hai..' from Shahjahan Babar (1944), 'Badariya Baras Gai Re Us Paar..' a duet with Mukesh from Moorti (1945), 'Saawan Ki Ghata Dheere Dheere Aana..' from Aage Badho (1947), 'Jo Ham Pe Gujarti Hai..' from Mumtaz Mahal (1944).

Khursheed migrated to Pakistan after independence, with her husband Lala Yakub who was an occasional actor and a member of the Bhati Gate Group Lahore. She worked in two films in Pakistan, Fankaar and Mandi, in 1956. She left her husband Yakub due to some personal problems and remarried in 1956, to one of her admirer who was in the shipping business and his name was Yusuf Miyan and later became a philanthropist. After marriage with Yusuf Miyan she appeared in few PTV shows. A number of private shows were also held by her admirers and private institutions, which were attended by her.

She was among the two singing actresses of Hindi Film industry who have shared stellar honors with the renowned singer K.L.Saigal. Another fortunate one to share this honour was the famous actress cum singer, Suraiya. Khursheed died on 18th April 2001 in Karachi, Pakistan, at the age of 87 years and thus an era of talent in terms of acting and singing, came to an end.

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